We’re Passionate About Helping Businesses Grow With Technology and Data

We’re a group of professional technologists and business strategists with a deep passion for guiding business leaders on how to leverage technology, process, and security to make their company resilient to the ever-changing industry landscape. Our group has over 30 years combined experience in the field and currently consult a variety of national and international organizations on ways to optimize their technology infrastructure, operational processes, and predictive analytics (business intelligence) from the data gathered.


Strategic Planning

Collaboration with internal / external project stakeholders to define project goals, objectives, success metrics & KPls, and tactical implementation.

System Architecture

Create visual diagrams and a comprehensive blueprint connecting all components (software & hardware) necessary for successful system implementation.

Decision Analysis

Conduct risk assessment of third-party technology services and processes before client acquisition. Audit existing systems for gaps and weak-points.

Intelligence Research

Conduct intelligent market research, non-conventional successful implementation techniques, and develop strategies based on best-of-breed solutions.

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Our Success is Driven By
Our Process

Lean Six Sigma, Agile, and Scrum are the core methodologies we leverage to streamline our operational workflow. To compliment the methodologies we use, we are proficient with a variety of enterprise-class analytic platforms (Microsoft PowerBI, IBM Watson, and QlikView to name a few).


The healthcare industry is one of the last industries that still, at its core, virtually operate in the 20th century. While there are efforts in motion to modernize large health systems today, the process has been somewhat slow. Not to fear–there is a new movement underway and it’s called Digital Health which encompasses the next evolution of healthcare devlivery such as remote doctor visits to vital sign monitoring to medication management and beyond. In this paradigm shift, consumer behavior and digital technologies are directly reshaping the healthcare-space. The following video perfectly illustrates how Digital Health is impacting Healthcare.


What is Machine Learning? Simply put, Machine-learning algorithms use statistics to find patterns in massive* amounts of data. This data encompasses a lot of things—numbers, words, images, clicks, what have you. If it can be digitally stored, it can be fed into a machine-learning algorithm. Machine learning is the process that powers many of the services we use today—recommendation systems like those on Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify; search engines like Google and Baidu; social-media feeds like Facebook and Twitter; voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. The list goes on. MIT has a great introduction video “Introduction to Machine Learning” worth watching.


The Internet of Things is truly becoming a part of everyday life. Whether it’s controlling your house lights, appliances, garage door, camera systems or the main entry points while you’re away or having your house “auto-magically” regulate its temperature based on your usage to create a comfortable environment and save on energy costs, Smart Homes are becoming a true “value-add” vs a “nice-to-have”. CES 2021 highlighted quite a few Smart Home products that will appeal to a large consumer demographic not only because it’s cutting-edge, but, ultimately, because it will help them save money.


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There’s no better time than now to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make your business better.