Igniting Business Success with Cutting-Edge Innovation: That's Our Jam!

We’re a group of AI/ML Business Strategists, Digital Health Architects, Performance Improvement Practitioners, and Cybersecurity/ Compliance advisors with a deep passion for guiding business leaders on how to leverage technology, process, and security to make their company resilient to the ever-changing industry landscape.


Founded in March 2016, our consortium brings together over 30 years of combined experience in the field. We have the privilege of advising a diverse portfolio of national and international organizations, offering strategic consultations aimed at optimizing technology infrastructure, operational processes, and predictive analytics to enhance business intelligence capabilities. At the forefront of technological innovation and strategic excellence, our team comprises distinguished AI/ML Business Strategists, Digital Health Architects, Performance Improvement Practitioners, and Cybersecurity & Compliance Advisors. We are united by a profound commitment to guiding business leaders through the complexities of leveraging technology, processes, and security frameworks to fortify their organizations against the dynamic shifts in the industry landscape.

Our Vision

Our vision extends beyond the ordinary; we aspire to create an environment where knowledge is not a barrier but a steppingstone. We’re dedicated to ensuring that insights in business and technology are not just accessible, but readily available to those with a vision to transform industries across the globe.

Why us

Passion Drives Our Success

Our passion for technological innovation and strategic problem-solving drives us to deliver exceptional value to the companies we serve. We believe that the cornerstone of project success lies in the synergy of the right expertise and strategic approach, underpinned by streamlined processes. It is this belief that informs our commitment to not only achieving, but exceeding our clients’ expectations, ensuring a productive and enjoyable partnership experience.

Future-proof Work is the Only Way

Our approach to strategy and digital solutions prioritizes scalability and sustainability, meticulously tailored to support your long-term business goals. Amidst the constantly shifting terrain of technology, we maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering innovative counsel, customized strategies, and actionable solutions. These efforts are designed to bolster businesses, enabling them to excel in a competitive marketplace.


A successful team thrives on diversity in experience, skills, and cultural backgrounds. With the ideal mix, overcoming challenges becomes effortless.

At DGMS Labs we are committed to a people-first philosophy, valuing individuals over profits. We emphasize the well-being of our employees, customers, and the community, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services, upholding transparency, and responding swiftly to customer feedback. While recognizing the role of businesses in driving economic growth, we steadfastly refuse to compromise on the well-being of people.

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